Highlights from our media engagements.  

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NBC TV Interview

"Living Big by Living Very Small"

Featured Coast to Coast...

Vermont Public Radio Interview November, 2015

FOX TV Interview

"Grand Rapids RV Show"


YouTube Channel
Wandering Workers Podcast Interview

Grand Haven Tribune

"Q&A with Full-Time RVers"

FaceBook: Adventures with Hamlet

Wandering Workers Podcast

"Work Your Way Around the U.S."

ABC Interview, WZZM 13

"Take 5 Morning Show"

The Dyrt's Lifestyle Magazine
My NBC 5 Interview

RV Travel Summit

"Tales from a Mid-Lifeventure"

Q13 Fox Interview

"Seattle RV Show"

Vermont Public Radio

"All Things Considered"

Grand Haven Tribune Interview
2015 RV Travel Summit
2015 RV Travel Summit
The Dyrt's Lifestyle Magazine
Grand Rapids Camper & RV Show, January 2016

The Dyrt's

Lifestyle Magazine

“Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.”