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"William, 19, is working hard to find his way through a second relapse of leukemia.  I just bought him the 'Seeking Sunlight' t-shirt with your picture. I know it Will give him courage to Find the Sun. Thank you!"

Martine Bergeron



I share my passion for the outdoors through the lens of a camera.  I seek to create a sense of awe, wonder, and inspiration for getting people outside in whatever way possible.  Studies have proven that nature therapy greatly reduces the need for many other drug and mental health therapies, both in children and adults.

If I inspire people to climb though slot canyons in the southwest, hike among the dripping moss forests of the Pacific northwest, or paddle through wild undeveloped terrain, then I have done my job. 

To further promote my desire to get kids outside and help them to understand the importance of environmental conservation and protection, 10% 
of all my proceeds are donated to the National Park Service Foundation's “Open Outdoors for Kids initiative.  ​

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"Seeking Sunlight"