Writing at the intersection of personal narrative, environmental issues, and outdoor adventure,

I strive to engage with the bigger concerns that affect our world.  Shari's images capture one side of our journey, and my love for the written word completes the picture.

Rather than simply chronicling our adventures,

our blog and articles provide the reader with thought-provoking insights into our natural world, outdoor adventures and human experience.  Steeped in humor and gratitude, our collective effort provides a richer story.  ​​

Our collaboration inspires and shapes each other’s work.  Like our relationship, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.   

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"Their storytelling makes you feel like they're opening the door of their little trailer and inviting you into their cozy life and wild adventures. Hutch and Shari's dedication to getting the most out of life radiates from each story, while they share both the highs and the lows, and inspire readers to do the same." 

Britany Robinson 

Managing Editor, The Dyrt


​​"Wonderful! I love the story and the images are beautiful!"

John D'Onofrio 

Adventures NW Magazine