We are Educators.

In our current journey, as well as our former careers, everything

we do involves educating, mentoring, and inspiring others. 

We love lighting up a room of curious minds!  As a writing and

photography team, we each contribute our own unique set of

skills and abilities to a project.  We engage a wide audience with

a keen ability to break down complex concepts, and weave thick

description and subtlety into entertaining, self-deprecating, prose 

-- accompanied by stunning visuals telling their own story.   

We've been doing this for Awhile.
In 2012, when we left home with an adventure road atlas and a flip phone; we weren’t following any social media influencers -- #vanlife was not yet a “thing.”  We didn’t even know what "full-timing" meant.  After a few years of figuring things out for ourselves, we realized how hungry people are for information, insights, and tips on achieving their own journeys of a lifetime. 

We build Relationships.
We connect with people, companies, and products that reflect our values: responsible outdoor adventure and education, tiny home / RV living, environmental education, and sustainable travel.  Whether contributing content and images to print or online magazines, social media or delivering seminars in person, we will be sure to engage your audience and make them want to hit the road!​

We are Professionals.

With over 20 years of management experience, we follow through on commitments, meet deadlines, and are very selective about the types of projects that we take on.  We began speaking professionally at RV travel shows, and university campuses in 2015, and began writing professionally in 2016; but, to be fair, we did a bit of this during our time in academia.  In addition to our own blog, our work is featured in various print and online publications.  Over the past year, we’ve grown our social media platform significantly.



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