Shari's Bio

Hutch's Bio

​​The road beckoned.  We restored a 1957 vintage camper trailer and left behind the life we'd built for ourselves. What began as a sabbatical from promising careers, a comfortable home, and a strong community transformed into a more sustainable lifestyle of travel, adventure, seasonal employment, and volunteering. 

​​Our tiny home on wheels, a 1957 “canned-ham” Sportcraft camper trailer, embodies the freedom of travel and the spirit of adventure.  Painted as he is with big purple door and red trim, Hamlet gets smiles everywhere we go.

The purchase on Ebay, somewhat on a whim, came after a very challenging day in 2010.  Shari's message was clear; "I'm leaving and you're invited."  That impulsive bid lead to 18-months of busy preparations.  On evenings and weekends we worked to transform our purchase into a livable space as we downsized from 1,650 square feet into 72.  By September 2012, we were ready to leave our university jobs, our home in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and hit the road.  And we haven't looked back!   

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My love of travel and passion for volunteering led me to nearly every continent, but I still haven’t scratched the surface.  The more I learn, the more I realize what I don’t know, that curiosity drives me to explore new places and experiences. 

As a photographer, I desire to capture unique images of our natural world.  Everything I share has an educational component embedded within – it is both who I am and how I see the world. Teaching photography to children is pure joy. 

My husband and I have been traveling, working, and volunteering across North America – adventuring through over 50 national parks, monuments, rivers, and lake/seashores, and volunteering on organic farms from Maine to Hawaii.  

Combined with an M.S. in

Educational Leadership from Miami University (OH), I have over 20 years

of experience working as a social and environmental justice educator.  I also completed a Certificate in Environmental Education from

North Carolina.


As a freelance writer, outdoor instructor and environmental educator, I have worked in a variety of settings from colleges and universities to adventure outfitters.  

I write at the intersection of personal adventure and larger environmental issues with the hope to both inform and inspire others to engage and explore wild places.   

I completed a Certificate in Environmental Education from the state of North Carolina complementing my M.S. in Educational Leadership from Miami University (OH).  I remain a happily underemployed Kenyon College English major who just admires a well constructed sentence. 

I enjoy all forms of paddling, hiking, biking and many other outdoor activities, but am happiest when in whitewater.