"Hutch & Shari come at full-time RVing from a much different angle than most seminar leaders -- using small space living, renewable energy sources and a nomadic outlook that appeals to a younger generation of RVer.  Very easy to work with from the booking through the execution of seminars at the show, you'll be hard pressed to find a more easygoing pair.  Will definitely be having them back."

​Derek Lancioni, Show Director, ShowSpan Inc. 

2015 Golden Knob Award

Poster Design by Cody Mannigan

From large travel industry shows to small campus communities, to individual conversations we love sharing our story with others.  Our experience as university and environmental educators prepares to reach a wide audience.  While not everyone will choose a lifestyle like ours, the issues we raise in our seminars affect us all. 

Check out a few of our webinars from the 2021 Grand Rapids Travel, RV, and Camping RV Show!

We hope to inspire others to create change in their own lives, challenge their own assumptions and sew curiosity about the natural world around us.       

If you would like to have us present to your group or campus, or even provide an Open House with a tour of our solar powered system, 
give us a shout and we will figure out when we can roll your way.  

​​​​​​​Possible Topics

  • The Cost of Living on the Road
  • Gourmet Camp Cooking & Baking
  • Sustainable RV Travel
  • Vintage Camper Renovation Tips
  • Solar 101:  How to Size Your System
  • Tips & Tricks for Exploring America's National Parks
  • Finding Seasonal Paid & Volunteer Work on the Road​

"Hutchison & Galiardi are consummate story-tellers, skillfully weaving practical know-how, sustainability tips,  stories and images of their personal journey in a presentation that takes the audience criss-crossing America with them.  Part inspiration, part education, this presentation is guaranteed to change the way you think about your everyday way of being in the world."​

​Dr. Elizabeth Beaulieu, Dean, Champlain College

Comments from Seminar Sponsors & Participants

“We attended both of the classes these two offered.  Highlight of the show!  Very well prepared and thought out. The 45 minute seminar flew by!  What a terrific team of educators.  My husband and I would like to thank the show for offering these seminars as they were very helpful and motivational!  I hope to run into these two again in our travels!”

Diane Vawter Warner, Seminar Participant

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